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Uses of Interceptor in org.mockejb

Classes in org.mockejb that implement Interceptor
 class BMPFinderHandler
          Intercepts the calls to the BMP find methods, checks if the returned PK (or elements of the pk collection) is in the EntityDatabase, if not, creates a new entity and calls "ejbLoad", and adds it to the EntityDatabase.
 class CMPFindByPrimaryKeyHandler
          Handles calls to findByPrimaryKey for CMP beans.
 class EjbExceptionHandler
          Performs exception logging and chaining according to the EJB spec.
 class TransactionManager
          Provides the support for the container-managed transactions according to EJB spec (chapter 18).

Methods in org.mockejb with parameters of type Interceptor
 void MockEjbObject.addInterceptor(Interceptor interceptor)
          Deprecated. Use AspectSystem and poincuts to add interceptors

Uses of Interceptor in org.mockejb.interceptor

Subinterfaces of Interceptor in org.mockejb.interceptor
 interface Aspect
          Aspect is the combination of an interceptor and pointcut.

Classes in org.mockejb.interceptor that implement Interceptor
static class InterceptorInvoker.CglibMethodInvoker
          Calls the object's method using Cglib.
 class InvocationRecorder
          Stores the information about all calls to the target object in the list.

Methods in org.mockejb.interceptor with parameters of type Interceptor
 void AspectSystemImpl.add(Pointcut pointcut, Interceptor interceptor)
 void AspectSystemImpl.addFirst(Pointcut pointcut, Interceptor interceptor)
 void AspectSystem.add(Pointcut pointcut, Interceptor interceptor)
          Creates the new aspect and adds it to the end of the list of aspects.
 void AspectSystem.addFirst(Pointcut pointcut, Interceptor interceptor)
          Creates the new aspect from the given pointcut and the interceptor and inserts it in the beginning of the list of aspects.