Package org.mockejb.interceptor

Interface Summary
Aspect Aspect is the combination of an interceptor and pointcut.
AspectSystem Keeps the global list of aspects.
Interceptor Interceptors intercept calls to an object to perform some actions, such as logging, transaction management and so on.
Pointcut Represents the AOP "pointcut" abstraction.

Class Summary
AspectSystemFactory Loads the class implementing AspectSystem and returns the object of this class to the client.
AspectSystemImpl Provides the implementation of the AspectSystem by adding aspects to the list and providing access to this list.
ClassPatternPointcut Tests if the class name of the provided method matches the regexp.
ClassPointcut Tests if the given class matches the class provided to the constructor of ClassPointcut.
InterceptableProxy Creates dynamic proxy and acts as an InvocationHandler for this proxy.
InterceptorInvoker Requests the interceptors from the AspectSystem and initiates the call to the interceptor chain.
InterceptorInvoker.CglibMethodInvoker Calls the object's method using Cglib.
InvocationContext Performs the invocation of interceptors in their order in the interceptor list.
InvocationRecorder Stores the information about all calls to the target object in the list.
MethodPatternPointcut Tests if the string representation of the given method matches the regexp.
PointcutPair Provides a way to create conditional expressions from pointcuts.

Exception Summary
AspectException General-level exception used for various aspect/interceptor system exceptions.
PointcutException Signifies exception in the pointcut, for example errors in the provided regexp patterns.