Interface EntityDatabase

public interface EntityDatabase

Provides in-memory entity database implementation suitable for setting up test mock data. Entities can be searched only by the primary key. Users should populate EntityDatabase with the mock entities for their test. MockEJB searches EntityDatabase: 1) During the call to CMP findByPrimaryKey. 2) After a BMP finder returns a PK or collection of PKs. MockEJB automatically add an entity to this "database" if its ejbCreate method returns a PK. Note that you can use aspects/interceptors to intercept all calls to this class.

Alexander Ananiev

Method Summary
 void add(java.lang.Class homeIfaceClass, java.lang.Object pk, java.lang.Object entity)
 void clear()
 java.lang.Object find(java.lang.Class homeIfaceClass, java.lang.Object pk)

Method Detail


public void add(java.lang.Class homeIfaceClass,
                java.lang.Object pk,
                java.lang.Object entity)


public java.lang.Object find(java.lang.Class homeIfaceClass,
                             java.lang.Object pk)


public void clear()