Package org.mockejb

Interface Summary
EjbBeanAccess Proivides access to the bean (instance of the EJB implementation class) and its context.
EntityDatabase Provides in-memory entity database implementation suitable for setting up test mock data.
GenericHome You can cast any home to this interface and call its create method.

Class Summary
BasicEjbDescriptor Provides the information that MockEJB needs to "deploy" this EJB.
BMPFinderHandler Intercepts the calls to the BMP find methods, checks if the returned PK (or elements of the pk collection) is in the EntityDatabase, if not, creates a new entity and calls "ejbLoad", and adds it to the EntityDatabase.
CMPFindByPrimaryKeyHandler Handles calls to findByPrimaryKey for CMP beans.
EjbExceptionHandler Performs exception logging and chaining according to the EJB spec.
EntityBeanDescriptor Contains entity bean-specific data used for EJB deployment.
EntityBeanSubclass Provides mock subclass of the CMP entity abstract class.
MDBDescriptor Provides the information that MockEJB needs to "deploy" MDB.
MockContainer Provides methods to "deploy" EJBs.
MockEjbContext Provides implementation of javax.ejb.SessionContext, javax.ejb.MessageDrivenContext and javax.ejb.EntityContext as well as some extra convenience methods.
MockEjbMetaData Provides the implementation of javax.ejb.EJBMetaData
MockEjbObject Serves as a proxy for all calls to the bean.
MockUser Provides simple implementation of
OptionalCactusTestCase Runs the test case on the server side under cactus or standalone on the client side.
SessionBeanDescriptor Provides Session bean-specific information required by MockContainer to deploy session EJB.
TransactionManager Provides the support for the container-managed transactions according to EJB spec (chapter 18).
TransactionPolicy Enumeration of possible values of the transaction attribute (transaction policy) as per EJB spec.

Exception Summary
MethodNotImplementedException Indicates that the method defined by one of the standard interfaces is not implemented by the framework.
MockEjbSystemException Indicates system error in MockEJB framework.
MustBeInterceptedException Indicates that the method you're trying to call must be intercepted, MockEJB itself does not support this method.